Ninjago Movie Faux Language Translation

Following my post yesterday about Ninjago Faux Japanese Font, here is the translated script or faux language that the LEGO Ninjago Movie is using.

I have not completed mapping the entire English alphabet but this is what I finished so far.


As you can see, there are some letters that I have not deciphered yet because I have not seen all the symbols yet. I will update the English character mapping as soon as I find new script.


Ninjago Japanese Font & Symbols

With the upcoming release of Ninjago The Movie I thought I spend a little time talking about the font and symbols used in the current Ninjago sets.

It’s not Japanese!

For quite some time I thought that the symbols being used in the Ninjago minifigures are special Japanese font that TLG designed for Ninjago. However, I did some digging back in 2015 and I learned that this was actually a font that was made to appear like Japanese writing. In other terms, it is faux Japanese font. Faux… as in fake. Continue reading


Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice)

Nasi Kuning

Are you into Asian cuisine? Take a look at this MOC by Andgos called Nasi Kuning which literally means Yellow Rice. It is sometimes called Nasi Kunyit which is Indonesian for Turmeric Rice. The dish itself is commonly called Tumpeng Nasi Kuning (Tumpeng = Cone) which is very common in Java and Bali, Indonesia. Continue reading