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Ninjago Movie Faux Language Translation

Following my post yesterday about Ninjago Faux Japanese Font, here is the translated script or faux language that the LEGO Ninjago Movie is using.

I have not completed mapping the entire English alphabet but this is what I finished so far.


As you can see, there are some letters that I have not deciphered yet because I have not seen all the symbols yet. I will update the English character mapping as soon as I find new script.


Ninjago Japanese Font & Symbols

With the upcoming release of Ninjago The Movie I thought I spend a little time talking about the font and symbols used in the current Ninjago sets.

It’s not Japanese!

For quite some time I thought that the symbols being used in the Ninjago minifigures are special Japanese font that TLG designed for Ninjago. However, I did some digging back in 2015 and I learned that this was actually a font that was made to appear like Japanese writing. In other terms, it is faux Japanese font. Faux… as in fake. Continue reading