Greatest Collectable Minifigure (CMF) Polls

Which is the best LEGO Collectable Minifigure?

I mentioned in my previous post that I’ll go through the Greatest Collectable Minifigure Game that Itaria no Shintaku created in EuroBricks.

You can participate in the game here but be sure you register first because that’s the only way you can vote.

Keep in mind that between 1-2 days, the same poll will be reset in an effort to reduce the “spam” (sic) in the forum. The poll is closed once an average of 50 members voted in the game. Sometimes a considerable amount of lead or landslide victory is enough to close the poll sooner, too. The CMF with the highest number of votes will win the round.

Itaria no Shintaku does a good job in documenting the progress of the game. Sadly, as with any forum topic, the post will be buried down eventually in no time. Therefore, I took the liberty to make it fairly easy to review and retrieve the information for future use.

A lot of interesting data

I expressed my interest in documenting this game because I am discovering why people like certain types of minifigures over the other. For example, many people cited aesthetics and uniqueness. However, you will also notice that about half of the CMF advancing to round 2 are army-builder type.   I guess apart from just being collectable, some collectable minifigures are not popular just for their cuteness or novelty factor but also for their versatility and utility.

Furthermore, there will be a lot of sudden death even to remarkable minifigures as we are only in the qualifying rounds. That’s the only way we can move forward. For example, Series 16 Banana Suit Guy is already out, beaten by Series 16 Rogue in Group 11.

It will take a little while until we reach the next round. While waiting, check out the page of the Greatest LEGO Collectable minifigure qualifying round. See if any of your favourite CMF made it to the next round.

In case you’re wondering… yes, Mr Gold is eventually going to be in the qualifying rounds, too. I don’t know if it will easily wipe out the rest of the minifigures in its group. I personally won’t vote for Mr Gold because there is nothing enjoyable about the minifigure apart from being exclusive. Not sour-graping. Just saying.

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