Hello LEGO World!

Welcome to MakoyBricks

This is the new home of makoy from Eurobricks – a special place where I can aggregate everything that I know and love about LEGO.

I have been contemplating on creating a new blog about LEGO for more than  2 years already; even longer than the time I started actively posting in Eurobricks. I love Eurobricks because it is the community that reignited my passion about LEGO. I lurked in the forums for too long and then I decided to finally register so that I can interact with the online community. The depths of experience and knowledge that other members contribute in that forum is simply second to none. Just ask anything about LEGO Star Wars and you will likely get the answer you are looking for.

Finding the right motivation

So, if EB is so great then why do I need to create this blog? There are several reasons —

First of all, I miss writing. I have been in the blogosphere for the longest time I can remember. WordPress and Blogger were still in infancy back then (remember B2?). Blogging is also the reason why I rediscovered LEGO as an adult. The little money I saved from affiliate marketing is what I used to buy a couple of LEGO Star Wars sets after my dark age in LEGO. Many years passed, I returned to writing long and detailed LEGO reviews which made me realise that I still have that itch to keep on writing as I can easily average 1700 words in just one review. I have never been a longform writer but give me a LEGO set to review and longform writing comes as easy as 1-2-3. I guess that if I write something that I am really excited about, I can go on and on and on.

Second, I want to keep a journal of my LEGO journey, keep records of certain promotions, share stories and perspective. I cannot do that in a forum.  There are so many things I just want to keep a record and keep track but I have no place for it until now. To give you an example I used to blog about LUG meetups (the other LUG — Linux User Groups). If I want to recollect the details of the meetings and what Linux distribution was handed over during that meeting all I have to do is search on my blog what I blogged about that day. Nowadays to find out information important to me, like what is the upcoming LUG events (LEGO User Groups) I have to go back and forth several websites just to keep track of those things.

I hear you say, “Ok, but isn’t that what social media is for.” My quick answer is “No.”

Noise vs Signal

With the rapid growth of social media, I feel like there is so much noise and echo rather than signal. I use to save and bookmark important posts on FB but I cannot recall a single pleasant experience using that feature. Most local LEGO LUGs interaction happens in Facebook Groups and my search experience in FB groups always ends up in frustration. I cannot find what I want to find quickly. It is also hard to manage information overload in FB. That’s why I try to keep away from Facebook as much as I can.

I wish to sift through the noise before posting here in my blog. That way, I can go back to my blog free from clutter and easily find the information important to me. Hopefully, the information that I will keep here will help others also.

Action items

Moving forward, there are a number of things I want to write in this blog. Apart from rounding up news (rumours), reviews and MOCs, I want to write some “character encyclopaedia” and other photo essays.

Up next, I will post about the on-going Greatest Collectible Minifigure Game that Itaria no Shintaku created. It’s a Tournament Poll bracket game at its early stage. It’s going to be interesting who will be the winner. Let’s see which ones are going to move up the next round.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by! I will do reviews that I will normally not do in Eurobricks especially the old ones as I have a backlog of over 20 sets here next to me. 🙂

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